COPROQUIMAN SL is a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of detergents and disinfectants for collectives and industry, especially food industry, as well as products for water treatment. Since 1996, when we started our activity, we have enjoyed the confidence of the main companies in the aforementioned sectors, in which we are present.
Our commitment to development means that we have our own formulation adapted to current needs, seeking a balance between respect for the environment, safety and efficiency in application, all at a low cost derived from a very rational structure.

The company has the following 3 product lines:


Products for Bars and restaurants or collectivities


Products for industry


Products for swimming pools and water in general

All the products that make up the above-mentioned ranges comply with the current regulations in terms of formulation, labelling and packaging and are subject to a rigorous quality control.
We have a technical department for customer advice, which will provide guidance on the effective and responsible use of our products.