Cleaning by means of foam spraying equipment has the objective of delivering the detergent or disinfectant to the surfaces to be cleaned, horizontal as floors and tables as well as verticals such as irregular walls, machinery even ceilings, while ensuring a Sufficient adherence to guarantee adequate contact time

The foam is formed from the appropriate mixture of water, detergent and air, which are the elements that will have to be added to the equipment.

System composition:

  • Foaming module.
  • Rubber hose (maximum 30 meters).
  • Manual throw.
  • Foaming nozzle.
  • Rinse nozzle.
  • Disinfect nozzle.

Function system:

  • Foam
  • Clear out
  • Disinfect

The aforementioned equipment can be used with the detergents and disinfectants manufactured and / or distributed by COPROQUIMAN S.L.